Masterpiece Dolls

​Masterpiece Dolls offered by Comfy Baby On The Go!

​Masterpiece Dolls offered by Comfy Baby On The Go!
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Masterpiece Dolls are Life­sized Dolls which can be redressed and posed like a Child

Masterpiece Dolls has received 49 nominations from Dolls Magazine (Dolls Award of Excellence) and Doll Reader (DOTY , Doll of the Year) from 2000­-2006. Masterpiece Dolls manufactures collectible dolls were created by world renowned artists including Laura Tuzio­-Ross, Monika Levenig, Sheila Michaels, Cindy Musgrove, Marita Winters, Doris Stannat, Monika Peter­-Leicht, Natalie Scholl, Dawn Donofrio, Rosemarie Mueller, Lorna Miller Sands and more. All masterpiece dolls are very limited.

Masterpiece Dolls develops new limited edition collectible dolls each year with an incredible attention to detail that brings to life each doll that is produced. The current artists who creates for Masterpiece Dolls are Monika Levenig and Monika Peter-­Leicht, both German artists. Masterpiece Dolls combines the talents of the doll artists for an incredible selection of beautifully lifelike dolls. The dolls have adorable expressions, meticulously crafted clothing, and carefully sculpted joints, which make these dolls a beautiful addition to any collection. They are more collectible dolls, not for children, specially for adults who collect dolls.

All of Masterpiece dolls and collectibles are brand new and will arrive in their collectors boxes, complete with a certificate of authenticity. They are priced very well and the price depends on the size of the doll. All Masterpiece Dolls are life­sized dolls which can be redressed and posed like a child.

Masterpiece dolls manufactures realistic, life size, quality vinyl, limited edition collection dolls in sizes 18­48″. Incredible real child like expressions. Many have ball joints in the elbows and knees and can be posed sitting or standing.

Dolls, dolls and more dolls! Comfy Baby On The Go offers a wide selection of unique and exclusive collectible dolls ­ each one is created with exquisite care, expert designer and very high quality that is unparalleled. Featuring a surprising selection of collectible Masterpiece dolls you’re sure to find a doll that captures your heart or makes happy someone that you love. When you visit to shop our unique gallery of collectible dolls, prepare to experience beautiful originality, exquisite details and fashion costuming. You’ll find adorable Masterpiece dolls that celebrate your favorite life events as a birthday party. There are so many dolls to choose from and they are sure to warm your heart, which ones will have a forever home with you in your house?

Masterpiece Dolls are truly distinctive dolls for distinctive collectors. When you meet our collection of dolls for the first time and feel their vinyl skin that brings their realistic features to life, you’re sure to be amazed! Each doll you will make would make a great addition to your collection.

Don’t wait more and order today your Masterpiece doll from our website:

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